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2005 : La marche de l'Empereur / To the dancers on the ice HD

USA version HD

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1970 : Just a poke (Baby night & Silly Sally)
1973 : Darkness to light

1974 : Live


TOMITA ISAO 冨田 勲 1932-2016 Japon

• Pour les films de : Yōji Yamada /

Albums :

1972-Switched on Rock / as Electric Samurai

1974-Snowflakes Are Dancing US #57 Can #57

1975-Pictures at an Exhibition US #49 Can #55

1976-Firebird US #71 Can #88
1976-Holst: The Planets US #67
1978-The Bermuda Triangle US #152
1978-Kosmos also known as Cosmos and Space Fantasy US #115

1979-Daphnis et Chloé, also known as Bolero and The Ravel Album US #174

1982-Grand Canyon
1984-Dawn Chorus, also known as Canon of the Three Stars

1992-Storm From The East

1994-Nasca Fantasy / supporting Kodō
1996-Bach Fantasy
2000-The Tale of Genji Symphonic Fantasy
2003-The Planets
2011-The Planets - Ultimate Edition / re-recording with an additional movement
2011-The Tale of Genji Symphonic Fantasy Ultimate edition / new recording with new movements
2012-Clair de Lune - Ultimate Edition / revised and expanded Snowflakes Are Dancing
2013-Symphony Ihatov
2014-Pictures at an Exhibition - Ultimate Edition / revised and expanded
2015-Space Fantasy / revised and expanded Kosmos
2016-Okhotsk Fantasy
2017-Dr. Coppelius

Albums live :

The Mind of the Universe - Live at Linz (1985)
Back to the Earth - Live in New York (1988)
Hansel und Gretel (Laserdisc-only 1993)
The Tale of Genji (1999)
Planet Zero (2011)

Soundtracks :

1965-Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon / no soundtrack album / Japanese version
1966-Jungle Emperor Symphonic Poem / 2009 re-recording, orchestral suite based on the TV series
1974-Catastrophe 1999: Prophecies of  Nostradamus
1979-Demon Pond / no soundtrack album
1989-Misty Kid of Wind
1992-Storm from the East
1993-School / Gakko
1994-Shin Nihon Kikou / Tomita supervised re-recordings of various TV scores
1994-First Emperor / as musical supervisor
1996-Gakko II
1997-Jungle Emperor Leo
2000-21 seiki e no densetsushi Shigeo Nagashima
2001-Sennen no Koi Story of Genji
2002-Tokyo Disney Sea Aquasphere Theme Music
2002-The Twilight Samurai
2004-La servante et le samouraï / The Hidden Blade / 隠し剣 鬼の爪 
          Kakushi-ken: Oni no tsume / Yōji Yamada
2004-Blood Will Tell
2005-Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness
2006-Love and Honor
2008-Kabei: Our Mother
2012-Welcome Home, Hayabusa
2016-Isao Tomita Tezuka Osamu's Work Selection of Music / compilation CD release in Japan

Compilation :

1977-Sound Creature / demonstration/education album with part unreleased material
1979-Greatest Hits
1981-A Voyage Through His Greatest Hits, Vol. 2
1984-The Best of Tomita
1984-Space Walk - Impressions of an Astronaut / RCA Records, USA
2003-Tomita on NHK
1997-Tomita Different Dimensions

Tomita's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Voir aussi :

Hideki Matsutake, Tomita's assistant and supporting member of Yellow Magic Orchestra
"Atimot ot Edo", a song title and anadrome of "Ode to Tomita"

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